Realtors: 2018 is going to see a strong housing market -- find out why

"Staten Island prices continue to rise because of two key factors, namely our values still indicate that this is the only borough in the city that is affordable for middle class families and our inventory levels are still at historical lows," said Frank J. Rizzo, broker/owner of Cornerstone Realty in Annadale.

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Cornerstone Realty Launches Staten Island's First Virtual Reality Center For Real Estate

"Technology continues to advance our industry and we want to be on the forefront of bringing this experience to our clients," stated Francis J. Rizzo, President of Cornerstone Realty, "We are the first company to bring this virtual experience to every one of our listings regardless of price point, making it a standard part of our offering package. Additionally, clients of ours can come to our in-house center and experience this incredible walk through from one location, saving them time to find the home they really love."

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January home sales: 348 houses sold with average price of $571K

"STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- The borough's housing market for 2018 has kicked off with strong sales -- 348 homes were sold on Staten Island in January, according to statistics provided by the Staten Island Board of Realtors (SIBOR)." - Tracy Porpora

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Cornerstone Realty featured in RFD TV

Cornerstone Realty Launches Staten Islands First Virtual Reality Center For Real Estate

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Frank Rizzo of Cornerstone Realty Discusses Business Incubator on South Shore with NY1

Frank Rizzo of Cornerstone Realty discusses Real Estate Market with Staten Island Advance

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Penn Hills’ new owners see opportunity where others see blight

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